Why eBooks?

Worldwide statistical data comparing the same sales period for 2011 and 2012 indicate that hardcover book sales increased by 2.7% while eBook sales increased by a whopping 28.1%! We believe that there is great potential for growth in eBook business and what better way to tap on the potential for which evidence is already here!

Benefits for Readers


E-books are “weightless”! The only weight is that of your reading device. You can carry as many of your favourite books as you would like with you to read as and when you like!


You can have easy access to websites and other references with just a touch! No more typing of URLs into address bars. Now, with the latest technology, this includes easy access to related images, maps, guides and a whole host of other things.


E-books are MUCH cheaper than paperbacks! Since publishers save on printing costs, these savings are passed on to you! ($13 – 20 for paperbacks versus $1 – 9.90 for e-books)


If you want specific information and it is only available in a book, you can purchase an eBook and download it immediately. Alternatively, you can head to your nearest bookstore and hope to find that book.

Benefits for Authors & Writers


Your ebooks have the potential to be interactive. Engage your reader and grab their attention!


E-books can allow authors to retain all rights for publishing and distribution, movie syndication, audio, etc.


Unlike sales of physical books, once you distribute your eBook through us, you will have access to our online 'Author’s Portal' site where you can:

  • View and monitor the progress and history of the sales transactions for all the e-book stores (distribution channels) distributed to.
  • View and monitor the progress and history of the payments made to you.

Everything is fully traceable and transparent to you!


Sales of physical books are often restricted by regions. Try ebooks instead! E-books give you a wider pool of potential buyers!

After your book is published in eBook, you will need to distribute them to e-book stores for sale. Faris Digital Solutions will take care of that too! Currently, we have a wide range of worldwide e-book stores distribution channels:

International Non-China Region

  • Amazon Kindle Store
  • Apple iBookstore
  • Google Play Store
  • Kobo
  • Barnes & Nobles Nook
  • Inktera
  • Pubu 電子書城
  • Scribd
  • 24symbols

China Region

  • 豆瓣网
  • 亚马逊中国网
  • 多看
  • 网易云阅读
* subject to approval of respective store/platform.

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