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Triple Nine Sleuths

Triple Nine Sleuths

Dangerous Disappearance

Category: Young Adult

Published by Epigram Books

Written/Edited by Maranna Chan

Illustrated by -


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Enter Quantity

Shortlisted for Popular Readers' Choice Award 2014, English (Children) Category

Get ready for high adventure. The Triple Nine Sleuths are Singapore’s latest amazing teen detective trio, using their creativity and intelligence to solve mysteries, even when the Police are stumped! But there is one mystery that remains unsolved, a puzzle that Stacy, Corey and Colton are desperate to solve—who is Stacy’s real father? As the Triple Nine Sleuths race against time for answers, each mystery brings them closer to answering this ultimate question.

In Dangerous Disappearance, Stacy needs answers from Paula, her missing parents’ friend. While confronting her, Stacy suddenly blacks out and wakes to find Paula missing. Stacy is now the prime suspect! Corey and Colton are determined to prove her innocence. Can the sleuths clear Stacy’s name in time?

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