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Encountering God Through Rosary

Encountering God Through Rosary

Luminous Mysteries I

Category: Religion and Spirituality

Published by Faris Digital Solutions

Written/Edited by Rodney Dominicus S. K. Chua

Illustrated by -

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This book consolidates enlightening reflections on the 'LUMINOUS' Rosary mysteries that help us discern their meaning and applications for our life situations and challenges, appreciate God’s graces and goodness that we have taken for granted and importantly, listen to God’s ‘still small voice (1 Kings 19:12)’ speaking to us – In essence to help us encounter God through the Rosary.

Mother Mary has always asked the people to pray the Rosary. But Rosary praying is declining because most find it to be a mere repetition of prayers and do not discover the real treasures of the Rosary which are hidden in its mysteries. The Rosary mysteries are called ‘mysteries’ because we are to ‘solve the mystery’ of how those biblical events apply to our own life when we meditate on them.

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