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The Diary of Amos Lee

The Diary of Amos Lee

Lights, Camera, Superstar!

Category: Middle Grade

Published by Epigram Books

Written/Edited by Adeline Foo

Illustrated by -


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Enter Quantity

When his diaries are stolen and published, Amos thinks his world is coming to an end. But what he doesn’t realise is that he’s going to become really famous! Adoring fan mail, girls throwing themselves at his feet and, with 5,000 friends on Facebook, yes… FINALLY! Life looks to be turning around!

But when a TV Director offers to adapt his diaries into a TV show, Amos learns that a new boy will take over from him in becoming Singapore’s Most Famous Toilet Diarist! Filled with insane jealousy and a desire to right a wrong, Amos vows to do all that he can to stop the show. But will he succeed?

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