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Born To Move

Book of the Month

Born To Move

Ooi Lay Yong

Lay Yong has been practising and teaching Pilates for over ten years and she is the co-founder of Pilates BodyTree® (Singapore). She was introduced to Pilates in early 2000 and after becoming a qualified Pilates teacher she continues her education with teachers in various fields of movement and exercise regimes.

In Born To Move, you will learn about basic human anatomy to understand how the common aches and pain develop over time. You will learn how you can live a pain-free life using the 5 Steps to Mobility Fitness framework. This programme is a step-by-step guide that focuses on a series of stretch and release, as well as strengthening exercises to provide you with a routine you can practice to improve your mobility. The key is releasing aches and pain and helping to rebuild your body's mobility, so that you move effortlessly and gracefully.

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